From the beginning, we’ve been successful in engaging our community’s young people in theater; it is a part of our “mission” that we find very rewarding. In fact, the young people who get their start on our stage often go on to represent our community quite well. In recent years, at least two U.I.L. “Best Actors,” one “Best Actress,” nearly a dozen All-District and All-Region Cast members, members of a state One Act Play team and several major theatre college scholarship winners all got their start or significant experience on our stage.




We’re very, very proud of these kids!



To assist nascent acting careers, Milam Community Theater awards scholarships annually to selected students who have devoted their time to our mission by performing with MCT at least twice and, have been involved in their high school’s one act play program. Since the program was started, over $12,000 in scholarships have been awarded to 28 different recipients.



To apply for a Milam Community Theater scholarship, please complete and submit the form found here: MCT Scholarship