For those who have been involved with a production before, you know how many moving parts there are. If you are not comfortable with stepping foot onstage and feeling the warm, exhilarating glow from the stage lights on your face but you want to still be apart of a production, then you may still be in luck! We are ALWAYS in need of those who know how to swing a hammer to assist us in building our extraordinary sets! Prone to accidents and prefer not to hold a hammer? NOT AN ISSUE! We would never deny someone who wanted to help paint sets! Never been one to color inside the lines? THAT'S OKAY! Our tech booth is always looking for new recruits to work our light and sound board! Not a tech savvy person? ME NEITHER! Our FABULOUS costume designer, Lori Vega, is ALWAYS looking for help putting together the most elegant of costumes for our actors! Not a needle and thread type of person? IT'S UNDERSTANDABLE! Our back stage crew is always in need of a few extra hands! 


As you can see, we are ALWAYS in need of some extra volunteers! If you have a skill that you want to share with us, please email PRODUCER@MILAMCOMMUNITYTHEATER.COM